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Spartan Racing is the student chapter of SAE International at San Jose State University. SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers, International) is a professional organization composed of over 138,000 engineers primarily in the automotive and aerospace industries. SAE International is tasked with developing design and production standards for these industries based on the professional input of its members.

Mini Baja SAE is a competition in the SAE Design series. The object is to design, manufacture, test, and race a scale Baja-style buggy, based on regulations and standards similar to those imposed on professional motor sport teams. This exercise immerses students of all backgrounds in an environment that parallels that of a fast-paced engineering work environment and professional team. The multidimensional nature of the Baja SAE experience is an invaluable educational tool.

In preparation to compete in the Baja SAE Competition, the Spartan Racing team designs, builds, and tests a new vehicle each year. The benefits are numerous but some of the top are as follows:


  1. Enrich engineering education by

    • Providing practical supplements to theoretical coursework

    • Broadening the learning experience by covering a wide range of engineering material

    • Generating internship and job opportunities for students via team sponsorship and networking

  2. Build ties between the SJSU College of Engineering and companies in Silicon Valley

  3. Have fun

    • Baja alumni describe the competition as the best part of their college experience


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